Will you stand #HandInHand with Rohingya refugees this Ramadan?

With your help, we will make sure that no refugee family torn apart by war is left behind.

Meet Jainab. At just fourteen years old, she is taking care of her younger brother Mahboob. Their mother died on the difficult journey from Myanmar to safety, and they were forced to simply cover her body and to keep walking. "As long as I am alive, I will take care of Mahboob", she told us.

We are doubling our efforts to help the vast number of Rohingya refugees who have lost loved ones in the war this Ramadan; the widows left to cope alone, and the children overshadowed by the absence of their parents.

The crisis in Myanmar saw more than 667,000 Rohingya refugees flee to Bangladesh since August 2017. Today, more than 16 percent of families living in the camps are headed by mothers – struggling to provide for their families alone - while around 36,373 children, just like Jainab and Mahboob, have lost one or both of their parents. Living in appalling conditions, and struggling to make ends meet, refugees now face the monsoon season, threatening flash floods and landslides in the camps.

We are devoting all of our resources to make sure that children like Jainab and Mahboob are not left to struggle alone this Ramadan, but we can’t do it without your help.

During the month of giving, you can bring change to Rohingya refugees' lives. Please donate now.

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